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通常の日本へのFedexによる送料は$45ですが、Extended service areaと呼ばれる一部地域については追加で料金が発生するということです。


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Dear friends & head-fiers in JAPAN....
The shipping fee of my amps, one pound or under in a fed-ex padded pak, is $45.00 to most zip codes in your country, Japan. That is a speciall price, as I get speciall discount & I passed it to you. But, some times, I find Fed-Ex charging much more for some zip codes of locations I am not familier with. Fed-ex calls it (EXTENDED SERVICE AREA), what that means is that fed-ex does not deliver the package but hires other courier to deliver your amp, thus they pay the other company that does the delivery. So please keep in mind that if I e-mail you for additional few dollars it is becuase fed-ex tells me that this is an EXTENDED SERVICE AREA. I do value you all as customers & thank you for your business.
I would surely appreciate if one of our friends in Japan will post this information on your Japanese forums so every one will be informed.
Cheers to all my friends in JAPAN and around the World...
Ray Samuels
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