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昨日のWindows 10ビルド14915でのUSBオーディオクラス2ドライバーの発見を同じフォーラムでマイクロソフトのスタッフがその発見が正しいことを認めました。



"As you have found out, we have an initial version of a USB Audio 2 driver in the latest Windows Insider release! This is an initial version with only limited features enabled (playback only, no recording support as of now). I encourage everyone to test the driver with your USB Audio 2 devices and file bugs via the feedback app.

Your feedback is important to us and we share your frustration at how long it has taken us to get here. Please keep the feedback coming!

The driver is available in all versions of Windows 10 - including mobile.

- Bala Sivakumar
Program Manager, Audio at Microsoft"

Insider Preview ビルド14915に関しては下記ニュースなどを参照ください。

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